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Weekly bottom April 7, 2017

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  Hello here is your weekly bottom for the week of April 7, 2017:   Highlights   United States   U.S. economic data disappointed on a variety of fronts this week, but much can be chalked up to weather related disruptions to the data.  A paltry 89k payrolls gain was the biggest disappointment, but we are inclined to look past one month’s result and focus on a new cycl...Read More

By: Sam Iaquinta, Mortgage Specialist

Renewing Your Mortgage

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Whether, you are buying a new home, or porting your existing mortgage or renewing your mortgage you need to know the following:   Did you know? Nearly 60% of Canadian homeowners simply sign their mortgage offer letter by their lender without shopping around for a more favorable interest rate and terms.   You may also want to know? Homeowners should never accept the first offer from the...Read More