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Choosing the Right Realtor®

First, it’s important that you understand whose interests Realtors® are legally bound to serve in a real estate transaction.

The Listing Agent

The Listing Agent is under contract with the seller to market and sell their property for the best possible price. Working with a listing agent means that they can:
  • Arrange a showing of the property
  • Provide details about the property
  • Explain all the forms and agreements related to buying the property

Your Personal Realtor®

When you engage the services of your own personal agent – someone who is under contract to work solely in your best interest – you get all the same services listed above plus your personal Realtor ® provides:
  • Confident assistance that addresses your needs first.
  • Honest, loyal, and diligent care, free from any conflicts of interest.
  • Access to all listings including MLS, bank-owned properties, distress and estate sales, even homes that were previously on the market where the seller might still be interested in selling.
  • Experienced advice on useful clauses such as home inspections and financing to protect you fully.
  • Skilled negotiation of the offer to purchase, to achieve the best possible price and terms.
  • Knowledgeable advice on market value, inclusions, location, as well as help to decide when you should walk away.
  • Discovery and disclosure of all information about the property including liens, warranties, disclosures, seller’s purchase price, and market and planning activity in this area. 
As your Personal Realtor ®, our job is to ensure you are an educated buyer in all aspects of your home buying process.